The way to Reduce Avocado (And Peel it) Completely Each Time!

Have you ever ever puzzled how one can reduce an avocado into good slices for avocado toast or sushi? Or how one can reduce it for chunky guacamole? How about how one can retailer reduce avocado? Right here’s how one can peel an avocado and reduce it 3 ways. 

Residing in California my complete life, I’ve eaten a whole lot of avocados. And we’re very fortunate to have three haas avocado timber in our yard. Through the years my technique of reducing avocados has advanced and been perfected. Selecting and reducing avocados could be tough for those who haven’t labored with them a lot, so right now I’m sharing all the perfect suggestions and tips. 

Final 12 months I shared The way to Freeze Avocados, which has develop into a well-liked submit. The way to reduce and peel avocados can be an awesome praise to that submit. So, what’s one of the best ways to chop and peel avocados? It relies upon what you’re making! 


The way to Choose a Good Avocado

Avocado halves on a marble countertop.

Discovering an ideal avocado could be onerous since you by no means know what they seem like inside till you open them. Nonetheless, for the perfect likelihood at an awesome avocado, gently squeeze the fruit. It ought to give just a bit with out being squishy. Haas avocados like these may have pores and skin that has turned from inexperienced to black when ripe. 

  • Select an avocado on the agency facet for slices and cubes you’d wish to keep intact, like for sushi, Mango Avocado Salsa
  • Softer avocados are okay for issues the place they’re mashed, like Guacamole, Inexperienced Goddess Dressing, or Smoothies. 
  • Tender avocados are finest for infants who’re simply beginning solids. 
  • An overripe avocado can be too tender and the pores and skin will draw back from the flesh. Don’t select these as the within can be brown. 

A photo of hands cutting a Haas avocado in half lengthwise with a knife.

The way to Reduce an Avocado in Half

It’s virtually at all times finest to chop the avocado in half lengthwise, because it offers you extra floor space than a crosswise reduce. Reduce all the way down to the seed and all the best way round. 

Close-up photography of hands twisting avocado halves apart.

Subsequent, gently twist the avocado halves aside. The seed will virtually at all times stay caught in a single facet. 

An avocado seed is removed from half of an avocado.

The way to Take away the Seed 

Maintain the avocado half with the seed in your backside hand, defending your hand with a kitchen towel in between it and the avocado. 

Use a chef’s knife to firmly whack the seed. Gently flip the knife and raise and the seed ought to come proper out, caught onto the knife. Rigorously take away the seed from the knife and both discard it, or, if making guacamole, maintain it and depart it within the guac as it would assist maintain it more energizing. 

At this level you may sprinkle with some salt and pepper and eat it, as my children typically did once they had been little. Or fill with one thing scrumptious and make Stuffed Avocados. 

Photography of a hand peeling the skin away from half an avocado.

The way to Peel an Avocado

Peeling avocados isn’t needed, and I hardly ever do it if I’m making one thing like guacamole. Nonetheless, after I need completely sliced or cubed avocado for salad, avocado bruschetta, tacos, or fries, I peel. 

Peeling avocados, somewhat than scooping out the flesh, creates a a lot cleaner edge, as you may see above. As soon as the avocado is halved and pitted, place it cut-side-down on a reducing board. The pores and skin ought to peel proper off. If there are any bits that stick, use a paring knife to chop away. 

Half of a peeled avocado is cut into perfect slices.

The way to Reduce an Avocado into Slices

Use a pointy knife to slice straight down by means of the peeled, halved, pitted avocado. 1/4-1/2 inch thickness is sweet for many makes use of. You may reduce crosswise as seen within the picture above, or lengthwise for longer items. Or, you may reduce into cubes for those who desire. 

Close-up of a spoon scooping avocado cubes out of the skin into a bowl.

The way to Reduce Avocado for Guacamole 

As talked about above, I wouldn’t go to the difficulty of peeling and completely slicing an avocado for guacamole or salsa. The spoon scoop technique works simply fantastic. I like to attain the avocado halves into cubes earlier than scooping out right into a bowl for guac. I additionally use this technique for topping my favourite Prompt Pot Chili Recipe. 

A close up photo of avocado sushi to show how to cut avocado for sushi.

The way to Reduce Avocado for Sushi

For sushi, however, you’ll wish to use a pleasant agency just-ripe avocado and use the peel and slice technique proven above and beneath within the recipe card. Sushi is finest with avocado that isn’t too mushy. I like to chop lengthy, lengthwise slices which might be about 1/2″ thick for sushi. 

Vegan lentil sloppy joes on hamburger buns with onions and avocado rings.

The way to Reduce an Avocado into Rings 

That is such a enjoyable option to reduce avocado for sandwiches and burgers. Once I posted this Lentil Sloppy Joe recipe everybody was asking, “How did you chop the avocado like that?” 

To make rings, reduce the avocado in half crosswise, then take away the seed the identical manner.  Subsequent, peel the avocado halves and reduce crosswise into rings. You’ll get a greater concept of how to do that by watching the video. 

The way to Retailer Reduce Avocado 

Avocado turns brown rapidly as soon as reduce and uncovered to air. You may sluggish this course of by storing slices, chunks, or halves in water. 

  • Place avocado slices or chunks in a bowl and canopy with filtered water. Refrigerate as much as 2 days. 
  • Place an avocado half cut-side-down in a shallow dish of water. 

A perfectly sliced avocado on a piece of toast.


  1. Select an avocado that offers simply barely when pressed. If it is rock onerous it is not prepared but, and if it is squishy or the pores and skin is not firmly hooked up to the flesh, it is overripe.
  2. Utilizing a pointy medium to giant knife, reduce lengthwise straight all the way down to the pit and all the best way round, reducing the avocado in half.
  3. Gently twist the halves aside. The seed will virtually at all times stay in a single facet.
  4. To take away the seed, defend your hand by inserting a serviette between your hand and the avocado. Rigorously and firmly whack the knife into the seed. Gently pull the seed out with the knife. Rigorously take away the seed from the knife. A knife hits the pit of an avocado half.
  5. To chop good avocado slices, place the avocado halves cut-side-down and peel the pores and skin away. Reduce into slices or chunks. Half an avocado is peeled. Half a peeled avocado is cut into slices.
  6. To make simple chunks or slices, maintain an avocado half in your hand. Use a paring knife to chop by means of the flesh simply till you hit the pores and skin, however with out piercing the pores and skin. Reduce slices, or reduce slices a technique then the alternative manner, to make cubes. Use a spoon to scoop out the slices or chunks. This an awesome technique for guacamole, although the items do not come out as cleanly as when the pores and skin is peeled first.


To make avocado rings, reduce the avocado in half crosswise and take away the seed and peel the halves. The reduce crosswise into ¼ to ½ inch rings. This can be a unbelievable technique for burgers.

One other enjoyable and distinctive option to reduce avocado is with a melon baller. Add the balls to salads and grain bowls.

It is best to chop avocado simply earlier than utilizing, nonetheless if you end up with additional, you may stop it from oxidizing by storing it in water. Cowl reduce avocado chunks or slices in a bowl of filtered water within the fridge for as much as 2 days. Or place a reduce avocado half cut-side-down in a shallow dish of water within the fridge.

Vitamin Data:

Yield: 2

Serving Dimension: 1/2 avocado

Quantity Per Serving:

Energy: 161Complete Fats: 15gSaturated Fats: 2gTrans Fats: 0gUnsaturated Fats: 12gLdl cholesterol: 0mgSodium: 7mgCarbohydrates: 9gFiber: 7gSugar: 1gProtein: 2g

Vitamin info is robotically calculated by Nutritionix. I’m not a nutritionist and can’t assure accuracy. In case your well being will depend on diet info, please calculate once more together with your favourite calculator.

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